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I tried to learn to drive when I was 20 and failed 4 tests, I was very nervous and started to hate it all so I stopped. I then had 2 little boys and was 26 years old wanting to try and learn to drive again to give my children a better life.

Ed was a brilliant instructor, he made me feel relaxed, increased my confidence and really concentrated on the things that I felt insecure about.

I passed my driving test with 3 minors and was ecstatic!

I would recommend Ed Fitzsimons to anybody!!

Thank you again Ed.

Clare Wellstead

Before going to Ed I had 3 failed tests. I didn't feel I was succeeding and was on the verge of giving up. Ed spoke to me, took me back to basics and helped me with my nerves. He didn't do pointless lessons and if he feels you are ready for your test he books it. Previous instructors I had left it to me and left big gaps between each test. Ed would book me in for my next one 2 weeks later because he believed in me. He's funny, down to earth and a pleasure to be taught by. I would highly recommend him.

Thank you so much for your patience with me and always believing I could do it even when I doubted myself.

Lou Evans

I can't praise Ed's teaching skills highly enough. He is a fantastic driving instructor. Ed has a way of making you feel at ease as soon as you meet him. He has a friendly, joking personality which immediately makes you feel completely comfortable.

I was a very nervous driver and didn't take easily to sitting behind the wheel, but Ed encouraged me all the way and helped me gain confidence in myself and my driving skills. If I ever found things a little difficult to understand Ed would have a wonderful technique of explaining it through simply another way, making it easier to take in. He made me feel that I was absolutely capable and could do it.

With all of Ed's help I did pass first time and I can't thank him enough or recommend anyone more highly.

Carolyn Ralph

If you want a Driving Instructor who is down to earth, reliable, trustworthy, flexible and professional then Ed's the driving instructor for you! After having three previous well-known driving instructors and not getting anywhere I lost hope, money and confidence that I would or could ever drive. Years later after getting married and having a daughter I needed more than ever to get driving and I decided to try one last time. I called a few in the area and they all seemed so repetative with prices and approach, all except Ed! His prices are very competitive and his approach is second to none! He was so down to earth and helpful and unlike others, let me drive straight away. Nothing is a problem with Ed and he plans his lessons to suit you and your needs. He makes you feel at ease in the car and helps you overcome any fears you may have. 

Most importantly Ed makes you a safe driver for yourself, your passengers and others! Ed doesn't just see you as a £note sign but as a student and friend, even when the lessons stop the friendship doesn't! With Ed's help I passed my theory test first time and after only 2 short months of driving lessons I passed my driving test with just one minor (a very good pass rate).

I am now an independent wife and mother and my dream of driving is no longer just a dream!

All thanks to you Ed!


Sharlene Ryder

I didn't get along with my first driving instructor and was introduced to Ed by a friend who recommended him. I found him pleasant, funny and relaxing. I was really nervous to start with and Ed built up my confidence and awareness. Ed will go out of his way to help. I have found that my driving has really improved not just for the better but also with safety in mind. Thanks Ed, will pass your name on all the time.

Craig Williams

I drove with Ed for approximately 7 months, I was very nervous and had small panic attacks while I was driving. Ed worked on this with me and encouraged me to keep going and trust him that he wouldn't let anything bad happen to me while I was driving. After a few weeks the trust was gained and he made me overcome my fear of driving. Ed also helped me with my theory to make sure I would pass first time, which I did with flying colours.

Ed is a brilliant driving instructor and he is excellent at working on each and every area of driving. I have now been driving for 5 months on my own after passing my test and my confidence is brilliant and that's all down to Ed working with me on all my weakest points and getting them up to as high a standard as all my strongest points.

Ed has kept in touch to make sure my driving is still going well. The price Ed charges per lesson is in my opinion not high enough for the quality of instruction you receive. So if you are looking for a driving instructor I highly recommend Ed and I can guarantee you will not be disappointed

Tara Humphries

After three previous driving instructors over a seven year period, Eddie was going to be my final attempt at driving. This turned out to be the best choice I had made. Straight away it was obvious that Eddie knew exactly what he was doing, he was extremely professional and made me feel completely at ease. I was ready for my test within 3 months, being my first test I was very nervous, but with Eddie's reassurance I passed first time. Thanks to Eddie I now have the independence, confidence and freedom that comes with driving. 

Thanks again Eddie, you're the best.

Rachel Kelly

When I started driving for the first time with Ed I had no idea how to even start a car, let alone drive it! However, Ed helped me through every step of driving and explained everything in a way that was tailored to how I learn best.

I was really nervous about taking my driving test on my first attempt and even though I had the ability to pass I failed because nerves go the better of me. Ed saw that this was holding me back and so he focussed on helping me control my nerves and concentrate more on my driving and road awareness.

I would highly recommend using Ed's Driving School to learn to drive to anyone because he is a great teacher and instructor who will find a method that suits how you learn best. He also has very reasonable prices and can offer you great deals if you book a certain amount of lessons.

Thanks Ed.

Josh Kirby

Ed was a passionate driving instructor, his lessons were very informative. He gave instruction in the aspects that needed improvement and made sure that you did improve. He kept an eye on your strong points and reassured you that you were good at those points, which was insightful and reassuring. I would highly recommend Ed to anyone.

Charlie Bacon

Ed was so helpful when I was learning to drive, he was really patient and reassuring and most importantly gave me the confidence I needed to eventually pass my test. I really couldn't have done it without him, he's such a nice, bubbly, down to earth person who always makes you feel as comfortable as possible. If you're thinking about learning with him I highly recommend it; you won't regret it! :)

Thank you Ed!

Chloe Lovell

When I first started my driving lessons with Ed I'd never driven a car before. Ed taught me how to drive from scratch. He was patient and kind. If things didn't go as planned he would go over it again and again giving me the confidence I needed.

I really enjoyed my lessons with Ed, he made learning fun and helped me with passing my theory test first time.

I was so pleased when I passed my driving test. Thank you Ed.

Sadie Young

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